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A Non-Profit Organization Can Greatly Benefit From a Raffle

A non-profit organization can greatly benefit from a fund raising raffle in various ways. The net profit, good relations with the companies/people providing the item(s) to be raffled, to advertisement, as well as just keeping in contact with their base supporters. A lot will have to do with how, where and when the raffle is held. Don’t forget to acknowledge all those who participate, whether it’s your team of workers, community organizations, business, as well as the contributors.

One of the most productive ways to have a successful raffle is to tie it into another event, such as a fund-raiser dinner. The people who come to these are usually in a charitable mood and will buy tickets in advance and/or at the event itself. The raffle winner(s) will be announced at the dinner. A good relationship with the community is essential in order to have items to auction that the people will desire. The more items, and the more desirable the item(s), the more tickets will be sold. The companies/people donating the items will also receive recognition at the banquet, thus receiving advertisement along with their donation. One should be sure to list these contributors in your program!

Maximizing raffle ticket sales can also be achieved by soliciting community support from local churches, schools, lodges and businesses. They will enjoy the accolades they will receive from their members and others in the community for their support to a non-profit organization. If you are holding another event in conjunction with the raffle, be sure to list these in the program, along with the contributors.

Flyers are also a good way to make people aware of your raffle and/or event. Ask at stores, local business and doctor’s offices to see if they will display one for you! Check with city hall about the availability of posting them throughout the town.

The organization you are raising money for will also benefit in ways other than the apparent monetary gain. Many business owners will give a contribution in addition to their donated item(s). They may also purchase tickets to your banquet or other event. Other community organizations will contribute accordingly with ticket purchases for your event, raffle and word of mouth advertising for your organization. You may also be fortunate enough to find new volunteers among these groups.
One of the most important aspects is that your coordinator needs to be a people person. The contacts made are invaluable and a positive attitude and professional approach are essential. In addition, the coordinator should learn all the advertising avenues available in the community and be sure to utilize these to their full potential. Many communities have newsletters that will advertise for free, but don’t forget your newspapers, radio and TV stations!

Cover all your bases within the business and social communities of your area. Be sure they understand what your organization does and what they stand for. Always maintain a professional and polite attitude and be approachable and available. Make sure you give clear contact information, and details about your event.
And don’t forget about the team that is working so diligently for you. Give your team of telephone callers and door knocker’s frequent appreciation and throw in a free ticket for their efforts. They will appreciate it and work hard for the recognition! You might even print up a certificate of appreciation for each of them! Above all, make sure you send a letter of appreciation to every business and organization that participates! They will be more willing to help you with your next fundraiser if you do.
Everything you do matters to the ultimate amount you raise in your raffle and/or accompanying event! You will be successful, if you cover all your basis. Keep a daily log of all the contacts you make so that efforts are not duplicated and so you have a starting list for your next raffle!

Good luck!