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Your Non-Profit Can Have a Successful Raffle

Mаnу thanks tо Amy Thornton fоr a wеll thоught оut, informative, and “fun” “Impact a Lіfе” соllеgе scholarship essay thаt hіghlіghtѕ whу ѕеllіng raffle tісkеtѕ for your fundrаіѕеr is a grеаt way tо raise money for your good cause.

Amy studies Adult Education at Auburn University. Best of luck Amy!

When holding a raffle fundraiser promotional materials and prizes can be used to help encourage and increase sales. When branding the fundraiser it’s important to provide a theme that potential buyers can connect with. It’s important to get your buyers to understand the “What’s In It For Me.” Make sure the promotional materials explain very clearly and concisely what the purpose of the raffle is and what collected funds will be used for and benefit the population the organization serves. Including personal stories on prior impact on your served population can help connect your buyers to your organization.

A good raffle revolves around the item you plan to raffle off. You should work on securing a sponsor to fund the item that will be raffled. You should help the sponsor understand the benefits to them for being the sponsor including marketing and promotion for their brand especially if they raffle an item they sell. This also helps the sponsor with community relations and development. Having a sponsor for the prize allows the organization to keep more of the raised funds rather than having to use some of the funds towards that part of the raffle.

The next step is to set your price point. When determining a good price for the raffle tickets you should consider your target audience. What is the most they would be willing to pay for a ticket for what you are raffling? If you set the price point too high you are likely to not get many sales. If you set the price point too low you are likely to not meet your fundraising goal. Another consideration for the price point is how much cash your buyers would typically carry with them. Buyers are more likely to spend $5.00 in cash rather than $20.00. You can also offer a bulk price if they buy a certain number of tickets which encourages the purchase of multiple tickets by a single buyers.

After determining what your overall goal is for the fundraiser create short-term and chunked goals to make achieving the overall goal more feasible. For example, ask each volunteer or staff to take responsibility for selling a certain number of tickets. Have goals for each location you sale at and focus on achieving these smaller goals. Working towards the achievement of these smaller goals is much more manageable. Just looking at the overall goal can seem out of reach, which can cause your sellers to feel defeated from the beginning.

You should have a big kickoff event to advertise the raffle and get everyone excited about selling the tickets and what they will be able to do with the money being raised. Try to get the same sponsor for the kickoff event and have it at their location to give them an opportunity to showcase what they do and get more customers to their venue. Send invitations to the local radio and TV stations to attend and cover the event, which will be good publicity for the sponsor and for your organization.

You can also recruit other sponsors who will supply prizes for the volunteers who sell a certain number of tickets and who sells the most. The sponsors can have the opportunity to advertise at the kickoff and you can include their logo on the raffle ticket itself.

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Amy Thornton

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