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Motivating Volunteers to Sell More Raffle Tickets

From kindergarten through 12th grade, I have always been involved with the American Youth Soccer Organization. As I grew up, I realized how little the American Youth Soccer Organization in my town was receiving. There were not enough soccer balls or cones for every team, and the grass would be inches high before it was cut because we did not have the funding for the grass to be cut regularly. Also, most of the time when we played on the fields, we could never see the lines because we also did not have the funding to pay for someone to line all of the fields.
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This organization is a non-profit organization that runs off of fundraiser, and this organization could best benefit from fundraising by holding a raffle fundraiser in several different ways. The money the organization makes from the raffle could go towards new soccer balls to replace the old ones, replace the nets that have holes, lining the field, getting more cones and pennies, hiring someone to cut the grass, hiring referees, and lowering the price of uniforms and participation. I have also noticed that less and less children are being signed up to play soccer, this is mostly because of the cost of participation, shin guards, the uniform, and cleats.

With the money they make from fundraising, the organization could help “sponsor” children who do not get the opportunity to play because it costs too much. The way the organization can maximize the sales of their raffle tickets is by having the stuff they are raffling off be donated from different businesses and people. Also, each team could donate a basket for the raffle. The organization could put up signs around the town to advertise their raffle, and hopefully bringing in more sales. In order to stimulate ticket sales there will have to be a variety of prizes for all different age groups.

Some good ideas for prizes would be gift certificates for different local stores and restaurants like Apple Bees, American Eagle, Giant, Weis, Olive Garden, and some other places like that. They could also get some gas certificates that they could raffle off. Some baskets that the organization could raffle off could be a soccer equipment basket, including cleats, shin guards, a water bottle, and a team jersey. A movie theatre basket, including different movies, popcorn, and 2 movie tickets to the local theatre. A school supplies basket, including notebooks, binders, pencils, flash drives, crayons, and erasers. A cleaning supply basket, including laundry detergent, Windex, hand soap, sponges, and paper towels. They could also give out some money prizes if they could get money donated.

The way the organization can motivate volunteers to sell more tickets is to let them work for something. The organization could say that for every 10 tickets a child sells, they will receive $5 off of their registration, and for whomever sells the most tickets will receive free registration. They could also say that for every 5 tickets a child sells, their name will go into a drawing for a certain amount of free registrations.