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The Many Ways to Help Out With a Raffle Fundraiser

Thank you Sabrina Bellante, a student at Saginaw Valley State University for the useful tips you offer for having a raffle fundraiser.

Thanks Sabrina, and good luck!


Selling raffle tickets is an excellent way for organizations to raise money. There are several options of raffles that organizations can choose from. The 50/50 Raffle is always a strong source of fundraising for organizations. Who doesn’t like the shot at winning 50% of a pot. Personally I think the best option for selling tickets for this option is the offering 6-8 tickets for every $ 5.00 you spend. You could even boost how many extra tickets you get with the more money you spend. You want to encourage people to spend more money for more chances to win. Everyone loves the thought of getting something for free.

Another great raffle ticket idea is the Basket Raffles. These personally are my favorite. It is good to have a good selection of baskets and to have each basket be worth at least 25-35 dollars. People want to feel like if they win a basket it was worth what they spent on the tickets. I have been to basket raffles where the basket only has a $ 10.00 gift card to a local business. I usually do not put in for baskets like that unless it is someplace I typical would go. When doing basket raffles you really do need the support of the members involved with the organization. You need to have them either go out and get donations from local businesses or for members to donate items on their own. Most local businesses do not have a problem offering gift cards, or discounted service vouchers to organizations. Even if you receive a small gift card, you can always combine that with other local gift cards to create a good basket. When selling tickets for the baskets you need to make it worth it for people to spend more money on tickets. You should set it up the more they spend on tickets the more “bonus” ticket’s they receive. Most people will put in multiple tickets per basket, especially if it is something they really want.

I believe if you will benefit from the funds raised at a fundraiser you should have to be involved. Yes everyone has busy schedules and some might not be able to help out the night of the event, but they should look at helping at with some of the prep. It takes a lot of work doing fundraisers, especially those with basket raffles. There are many ways people can help out. I personally do not feel it’s fair to the other members who have made sure they have helped out to receive the same benefit as someone who did nothing. Like I said there are many ways to help out with fundraising.

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