Letís Justify Shipping Raffle Tickets Next-Day

Itís late in the week and everything is set up for your raffle fundraiser – prizes, volunteers, and enthusiasm.

Everything that is, excepting for the actual custom printed raffle tickets your volunteers are anxious to sell in order to raise money for your good cause.

First of all, fret not, because next-day shipping is an option when ordering custom printed raffle tickets from www.raffleticket.com.

But can our organization actually justify the added expense of having the raffle tickets shipped the ďnext-dayĒ option?

Consider this easy and logical ďformulaĒ in order to reach a satisfactory and businesslike decision.

If all is in place to begin your sales campaign minus the custom printed raffle tickets, standard ground shipping could mean tickets would not be in your hand and ready for sale for 3 -5 business days.

If your tickets are priced as an example at $1.00 each, but you had 3 or 4 extra days to sell by having them shipped next day option as opposed to ground shipping, could your team sell enough tickets in that time frame to cover the added expense?

Experience shows that with the additional days of selling opportunity, you can more than make up for the added expense.

The option is there for you to take advantage of – or not.

Now go sell some raffle tickets!

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