The Incredible Benefits of Holding a Raffle

Many thanks to Makayla Bradbury for a well thought out and informative “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay that highlights why selling raffle tickets for your fundraiser is a great way to raise money.

Makayla shows some wonderful, insightful and personal reasons as to why holding a raffle is a fantastic way to raise money for a non-profit.

Makayla is a Biochemistry student at Texas Tech University and is pursuing a career in medicine. Thanks Makayla and best of luck with your studies!


It only takes one moment for your entire ideology about a subject to change. In the past semester, I have very much experienced one of these moments. I recently became a member of Alpha Delta Pi, an international PanHellenic sorority. Before joining, I never thought non-profit organizations could have such a big impact on a community. But now that I am actively a part of one, I have completely restructured my ideas about the subject. Each sorority has its own philanthropy, but I find mine especially unique. We are partnered with the Ronald McDonald house charities, and through Alpha Delta Pi I have been able to see the work that such organizations can do. Local Ronald McDonald House Charities provide a space for families of children in hospitals to escape the typical stress of a hospital setting while avoiding expensive hotels. The best part is that the houses are located within extreme proximity to the hospitals in which the children are receiving treatment, allowing the families to avoid travel costs while also having quick access to their children when necessary. However, although the RMHCs provide a great amount of features for families in need, they are entirely locally funded. As a weekly volunteer, I have seen both the positive and negative effects this can have on our house and hospital family rooms. We sometimes cannot provide families with full support because of lacks of funding, supplies, and donations.


Personally, I believe our local chapter in Lubbock Texas would find incredible benefits from holding a raffle. This form of fundraising would be a great way to earn the money in our area because of the unity of the Lubbock community. Every group supports each other, and I know our community would come together to support a great cause such as RMHCs. Because of the university here, Texas Tech, we could use football games as a way to maximize our sales. Football is a time that brings the entire community together, and would be a great way to advertise through tailgating, announcements, and sales at the game itself. During this time a large amount of alumni come in to town, so it would also be a chance for them to give back to the community they grew to love. Additionally, prizes that would easily encourage sales could, once again, play off of the Texas Tech fan base. This could include items such as Red Raider gear, autographed footballs and jerseys, and tickets to home games. Such items would be very desirable by the local community. We could also stimulate sales through wide population of college students by offering coupons for food, groceries, textbooks, etc. Because, let’s be honest, what college student doesn’t like a discount or free food? For us, gathering volunteers would be easy because of our sorority partnership. My chapter has over 200 people that would be more than willing to sell tickets for our philanthropy. But, if for some reason this fell through, we could, again, use the student population to gather volunteers. College students are always looking for resume builders or experience opportunities, so we could offer volunteer and community service hours for every ticket sold by each student participating. This would spread quickly, and we could gain a lot of volunteers through the multiple organizations located throughout the campus.


All in all, non profits, especially mine, can benefit from raffle style fundraising if they develop the correct methods for maximizing sales based on their community and personal needs. I hope in the near future, my local RMHCs use raffles as an adequate form of fundraising.


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