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How and Why to Hold a Raffle Fundraiser

Why hold a raffle fundraiser for your organization? Paige Howard, a student at Truman State University has some wonderful ideas and tips on why and how to hold a successful raffle for your organization! Thanks Paige for your “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay.


Throughout my entire life, I have been involved in many non-profit organizations. But, whether it is a youth group, volunteer organization, or sports team, they all had one thing in common – the need for fundraising.

My softball team, for example, hosted a giant fundraiser every year in order to afford our tournaments and our trip to nationals. If we didn’t raise enough money, people would have to pay for it themselves, and that get very expensive.

Every year, our biggest fundraiser was our raffle. There are a couple of different ways to go about planning and operating a successful raffle, but we finally got it down to an almost fool-proof science.

First things first . . . selling tickets. To sell raffle tickets, you need people to be interested in your raffle. It sounds easy, but only if you use the right tools.

Sure, printing off flyers and sending out letters sounds easy, but there are printing costs associated with that which no one realizes at the time. One way to generate a buzz around your raffle is social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even a Vine video, social media is the quickest way to get the word out about your event.

You can create a page where people can follow how many tickets you’ve sold, and things like that. Once enough people know that your event will be taking place, you need to decide on an amount of tickets AND how much each ticket will sell for.

By limiting the number of tickets and making the price a little higher, people will be more interested in your raffle due to the fact that limited tickets means a limited number of possible winners, and the better their chances of winning.

Once you get people to buy tickets, you need to make sure that your prizes are worth buying the ticket for. Barely anyone would want to buy a raffle ticket for a gift basket of Soduku puzzles, so you need to make sure that your raffle prizes are tailored to your audience. In the case of a sports team, you could have one grand prize of a paid family camping trip or tickets to your city’s baseball game. Then, make smaller prizes for other winners such as gift baskets for different people (a spa basket for moms, a hardware set for dads, etc.).

The more prizes offered, regardless of their size, the more people will want to purchase your raffle tickets!

Finally, make sure there is a plan in place to get volunteers motivated to sell tickets. For instance, for every 10 tickets sold, the volunteer would get 1 free raffle ticket with their name on it. That way, every volunteer not only sells enough tickets, but strives to sell the most so they have better chances of getting a prize at the end of the raffle drawing.

With these easy steps, a raffle can be not only a money-raising opportunity for any non-profit organization, but also a fun, competitive, team-building experience as well!