How to Plan a Profitable Motorcycle Raffle Fundraiser

H?ld?ng a fundraising r?ffl? for a H?rl??-D?v?d??n m?t?r???l? ??n b? a very ?ff??t?v? w?? f?r a n?n?r?f?t ?rg?n?z?t??n, ??h??l, or charity to r???? a l?rg? ?m?unt of money. In fact, m?n? ?rg?n?z?t??n? ??r??? the United St?t?? hold ?n ?nnu?l Harley-Davidson r?ffl? and raise as much ?? $50,000 ???h ???r.


Th?r? ?r? several ?dv?nt?g?? t? holding a raffle with a gr?nd ?r?z? ?u?h as a m?t?r???l?. For ?n? thing, ??u d? not have to ??ll a l?rg? amount ?f raffle t??k?t? because th? cost per t??k?t ??n r?ng? fr?m $20 t? $100 ??r t??k?t. This m??n? that the ?dd? ?f w?nn?ng ?r? attractive to purchasers.

If ??u ??ll 2,500 tickets ?t $50.00 a ????? ??u w?ll br?ng ?n $50,000. Ev?n ?f ??u h?v? t? ?ur?h??? th? H?rl?? f?r $15,000, ?ft?r ??ur other overhead expenses, ?u?h as t??k?t ?r?nt?ng ?nd ?dv?rt???ng, ??u ??uld ?t?ll ??rn ?l??? t? $35,000 with one H?rl??-D?v?d??n r?ffl?.

Raffle tickets ??n b? ??ld over a ??r??d of ??v?r?l months ?n ?l???? such ?? C??t??, ?h????ng malls, and th? l???l H?rl??-D?v?d??n ?h??. If ??u ??n d???l?? th? m?t?r???l? that w?ll help ticket ??l??. If it ?? l?g?l in your state you m?? be able t? ??ll th? t??k?t? b? m??l ?r over th? ?nt?rn?t fr?m your website.

When you are ??n??d?r?ng ?n? kind ?f r?ffl? ??u first need to ?h??k w?th ??ur State Attorney Generalís ?ff??? to f?nd out wh?t th? l?w? ?r? regarding r?ffl?? ?n your state. You ?h?uld also check w?th your local ??t? g?v?rnm?nt. In ??m? ?t?t?? raffles are ??n??d?r?d g?mbl?ng ?nd ??u w?ll have to r?g??t?r ?nd follow strict gu?d?l?n?? ?nd r???rt?ng procedures.

You also need to f?nd ?ut if ??ur ?rg?n?z?t??ní? b?-l?w? ?ll?w raffles and d???d? ?f a r?ffl? is ???r??r??t? for ??ur ?rg?n?z?t??n. S?m? organizations w?uld n?t ??n??d?r a raffle an ???r??r??t? way t? raise funds. In some states ??h??l ?h?ldr?n ?r? not ?ll?w?d t? ??ll r?ffl? t??k?t?.

Th?r? will b? ?x??n??? ???????t?d w?th the raffle. You will n??d t? ?r?nt t??k?t? and bu? ?dv?rt???ng. Th?r? m?? also be t?x?? ?nd ????unt?ng and l?g?l f???.

Al?ng w?th the gr?nd ?r?z? of th? motorcycle ?t ?? always a g??d idea t? h?v? ?th?r ?m?ll?r prizes. Th?? h?l?? ??ll tickets. Th? ?r?z?? ??n b? cash ?r?z?? ?n ?m?unt? ?u?h ?? $100 t? $500 ?r ?t?m? ???????t?d w?th H?rl??? such as a m?t?r???l? j??k?t, h?lm?t ?r l??th?r chaps.

Th? b??t w?? t? acquire the prizes ??, ?f ??ur??, t? h?v? them d?n?t?d. H?w?v?r, ??ur organization can ?l?? bu? the ?r?z??.

If ??u ?r? purchasing the motorcycle ?ft?r the dr?w?ng, then ??u can offer th? w?nn?r th? ??t??n ?f ?????t?ng th? prize ?r th? ???h equivalent ?f th? m?t?r???l?. Th? ?r?z? winner is ?lw??? r????n??bl? f?r ????ng the t?x?? and any fees associated with ?????t?ng the prize. Again, th?? ?ll has t? b? within th? l?w? of your state.

If ??u are th?nk?ng ?f h?v?ng a r?ffl? f?r ??ur n?xt fundraiser I ?ugg??t ??u ??n??d?r a H?rl??-D?v?d??n m?t?r???l? r?ffl?.

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