How to Hold a Mystery Gun Raffle

Looking for a twist on the ever-popular gun raffle?


Here is a quick and fun raffle that can be quite profitable for your organization. Hereís the way it works:

Purchase, or better yet acquire a donated firearm with a value of at least $400 to $500. Put the gun in a case with a padlock and lock the gun case. Now take that key and have 5 to 8 other keys available. Only one key can unlock the case – and make sure of this!

Now you will go to your auction program and you will find 5 items of moderate value. In your program space these “key items” auction items every 4th or 5th auction item. Detail in your program that this is the first item for the mystery gun they will be able to purchase by auction.

You can be assured that these items will exceed “fair-market” value! The first two items usually pay for the Mystery gun and the rest is profit.

For a Mystery Gun Raffle, do not let anyone know what that gun is in the case. At the end of the sale of the last item in the Mystery Gun auction bring all your buyers up front. In the order they purchased their item, let them select a key. You may be pleasantly surprised to find one or two of your buyers will always buy more than one key auction item. That equals more profit for your organization!

Just make sure you are complying with all local firearm laws.

So set your sights and celebrate your second amendment rights!

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