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How to Hold a Memorable Raffle Fundraiser

Many thanks to Beverly Diaz, for illustrating how to hold a memorable and profitable raffle fundraiser. Your “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay is much appreciated.

A non-profit organization, competitive gymnastics team, can achieve their season goal and support by holding several raffle fundraisers. Competitive gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, and balance.

Valeriia Maksiuta of Israel attends a gymnastics training session at the O2 Arena before the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games

My daughter is currently a gymnast and the booster club holds raffle fundraisers every 3 months. We hold fundraisers so that the parents of the teams are not paying too much out-of-pocket for their child during the season. The cost of the sport can add up to close to $3,000.00 per year, depending on the level the child is in. I currently pay $141.00 per month and close to $1,000.00 of competition fees, coach’s fees, and uniform for her to compete every year.

My daughter is seven years old and has been partaking in competitions since she was three years old. So as you can see the gym and team fees add up for us every year. This past year we held a creative basket raffle from each team level and invited the parents of recreational classes and nearby businesses in our area to attend. We also held a donation raffle. The small businesses nearby gave us some donations that we could raffle on gymnastics day in which we invited the nearby neighborhoods and business. Raffle fundraisers help support the gym and the competitive teams strive for their success. I do my best in doing my part as a mother to make sure my daughter gets the best training. This is a sport that my daughter truly loves, and I will stick by her side until she decides otherwise. During competitions, the gyms hosting usually hold a raffle fundraiser so that gym and their competitive teams earn monies for support of this sport. We gym parents understand that fundraisers are a win-win all around. The person who won gets the gift they wanted and in return the team gets the funds for the season.

While raffle fundraisers can benefit all types of non-profit organizations, using such type of fundraiser can help the organization raise funds faster than most other types of fundraisers. As I mentioned earlier we hold several fundraisers during the year, and I have seen quick results with raffle fundraisers. This type of fundraiser is lots of fun and holds suspense when calling out the number. You can see the look on the people faces, and it makes me smile when the person wins. I recall this one mom placing five tickets in each box we had which we sold for $2.00 a ticket. We had about 20 boxes, and when we called her name out, she started to scream as if she won the lottery. This was so much fun, we all smiled, people laughed, and the look on the children faces was unforgettable. We all clapped and several children gave her hugs. She even started tearing up, so we gave her an opportunity to make a speech. She won three boxes out of the twenty.

This was the most memorable raffle fundraiser we held.