How to Generate Excitement For Your Raffle Fundraiser

So how can you generate excitement (which of course equals more raffle ticket sales!) at your next raffle fundraiser. “Impact a Life” college scholarship essayist Devika Seeraj takes a look at just this very aspect of fundraising, and comes up with some helpful observations. Thanks Devika!


Weve all seen them. The signs read Buy one raffle ticket for $4 or get three for $10! The sales of these raffles at events, specifically charity is quite beneficial. Aside from paying the entrance fees, which most likely goes to covering the costs of the venue, raffle sales allow for an additional source of donation to the charity being acknowledged.

By holding a raffle fundraiser, non-profits engage the community to support an important cause as well as receiving something in turn. Although everyone feels saintly when contributing to a good cause, incentives add to the willingness to donate. Raffles in general stimulates excitement and adrenaline, everyone wants to win, the same excitement as in gambling. However, the means of the ways that raffles are proposed as well as the prizes are quite important to ensure the success of the raffle fundraiser.

The best time to have a raffle fundraiser is to have it in collaboration with another fundraising event, perhaps maybe a dinner or ball. From an economic standpoint by having a raffle fundraiser at a dinner or dance fundraiser it ensures that the raffle fundraiser wont flop.

Imagine walking into the venue, you hand in your ticket and the first table you see is the raffle fundraiser set-up. The signs are visually appealing, the prizes are noted to add to the persuasiveness and the bargain to get 3 raffles for $10 rather than $4 apiece sounds like quite the deal.

At a dinner, the team that is organizing the raffle fundraiser knows that everyone here is likely to carry an adequate amount of cash on this fancy night out. So, you decide to spend $20 on raffle tickets because you feel that spending $10 is too little especially when all you see in the bucket of cash are $20 bills. Regardless of how much raffles are bought that night the team didnt lose because the dinner was the main event of the night and all the proceeds of the raffles are an added bonus.

Getting people to buy raffle tickets is another aspect to ensure the success of the raffle fundraiser. People are not going to buy raffle tickets if they see that the prize that they are going to win is a chocolate bar, and each ticket was initially $4. Raffle prizes that I have seen to work quite magnificently are winning half the proceeds of the cash that people contributed towards raffles. In addition, electronics and gift baskets seem to be very appealing for participants. The types of gift baskets and electronics depend specifically on how extravagant the non-profit fundraiser is.

Non-profit fundraisers not only bring good to a specific cause but they also bring smiles to their participants through their raffle fundraisers. However means non-profits want to bring in donations for their beneficial causes, they are engaging their community, bringing a sense of hope and humanity. They act out of the good willingness of their hearts rather than the drive to earn profits and capitalize. Thus, it is important to support their necessary drives and fundraisers.

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