How to Ensure That Your Raffle Fundraiser is a Success

A raffle fundraiser can go two ways, extremely good or extremely bad! Preparing yourself and analyzing the targeted group usually does the trick. If you are going to be successful with hosting a raffle fundraiser you have to know the people you are selling the raffle tickets to. Once you understand the targeted group then it will be easier to approach your targeted group with information and prizes. I worked on the administration team for a nonprofit, Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Houston. Our goal was to do whatever it takes to stay funded by donations so we can always serve our kids. Speaking of doing whatever it takes to benefit our profit and overall fundraising effort. Raffle fundraiser helped us raise over 7 million dollars of tax free money for the organization. 7 million dollars was one of the biggest amount the organization has raise in 10 years.
Success in progress

How did we do it? First we hosted basketball leagues for the kids at the clubs. Also we let outside church groups, civic groups, youth sports organization use our facility on the weekends to host non-related events. By allowing this we raise a lump sum of cash donated from raffle tickets given out
at the events. The other way we maximize fundraiser efforts is by having a Black Tie dinner sponsored by donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs organization. It cost 500 for a ticket and most people added a generous donation along with their ticket purchase to likely be put in an intense drawing. Based on the amount donated, your raffle ticket was entered into winning bracket labeled bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze consisted of tickets Dynamo Soccer game, an expensive Dinner, and helicopter ride. Silver consisted of Houston Rockets Basketball tickets, Vacation of four people to the Caribbeanís, and lastly gold consisted of a private jet excursion for 12 people and grand entrance to Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona. If your raffled was pulled then you would win the prize for that bracket.

I believe expressing the mission of our organization and announcing the prizes as an eye catcher to make people donate as much money as they could. When selling the raffle tickets we would usually give the person(purchasing or not) a Boys and Girls Club memorabilia, free Chick Fil a sandwich coupon, and a pamphlet explain our purpose in the Houston community. I honestly believe this fundraiser was successful because the simple thought of the raffle fundraiser. Iím glad I was a part of this fundraising effort. I believe I understand the key elements to fundraising: 1.) Why are you fundraising and howwould it help us. 2.) Knowing the individuals or targeted groups tickets are sold to. 3.) How to maximize and stimulate donations by using prizes and expressing a desirable need.

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