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Have Your Raffle Tickets Printed “Free” While Helping Local Businesses

Is your organization planning on holding a raffle to raise funds for your good cause?

That’s awesome! A raffle is a super simple way to raise money for your organization’s needs without a lot of fuss.

One of the few expenses of holding a raffle is the price of professionally printing raffle tickets.

Why not turn that “expense” into an opportunity by simply asking local merchants if they would help out by covering the cost of printing the tickets?

Sometimes donors that can’t make a large prize donation will be more than willing to donate the cost of raffle ticket printing in exchange for promotional consideration printed on the ticket.

Here’s how you can make a “pitch” to a business to make it irresistible for them to help you out:

Offer to have a coupon with the merchant’s offer custom printed on the back of each raffle ticket.


 It’s a “no-brainer” for local restaurants, pizza, oil change, carpet cleaning, or just about any retail store or service that needs more customers.

The coupon will have a long shelf life, as people will hold onto the tickets at least until the drawing, and often for long after the drawing is held. The merchant can set their own expiration date for the offer.

These businesses will also gain the added benefit of positive exposure in the community as a supporter of a worthwhile local organization.

There you have it. Your organization gets custom raffle tickets printed at no expense to the organization, and the local business attracts more customers!

Now how easy was that?