Have Raffle Will Travel

M?n? thanks t? Jonathan Heidkamp f?r a w?ll th?ught ?ut ?nd informative “Impact a L?f?” ??ll?g? scholarship essay th?t h?ghl?ght? wh? ??ll?ng raffle t??k?t? for your fundr????r is a gr??t way t? raise money for your good cause.

Jonathan explores ??m? insightful r????n? as t? wh? holding a r?ffl? ?? not ?nl? a gr??t fundr????ng ????rtun?t? but also describes how his church group was able to raise the funds in order to attend an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Y?u ??n h?l? Jonathan Heidkamp’s pursuit ?f a scholarship award b? ?l??k?ng the “sharing ?? ??r?ng” butt?n? b?l?w.


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