Get Your Non-Profit Off The Ground With a Raffle Fundraiser

If you would lіkе some grеаt іdеаѕ аnd tips оn how to hоld a rаfflе fundrаіѕеr for уоur nоn-рrоfіt оrgаnіzаtіоn, look nо furthеr thаn Maryellen Bachtel’s  fіnе “Imрасt a Lіfе” ѕсhоlаrѕhір еѕѕау contribution.

Thanks Maryellen, and best of luck!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Maryellen Bachtel
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Have you ever thought of why non-profit organizations are started? There are non-profit organizations all around us, but the key to keeping them alive is the effort, time and energy that is put into them. It starts with a spark. Something someone is passionate about. So passionate that they are willing to raise the money themselves to keep their vision alive. Sometimes it is a passion that has always been there and sometimes it is a passion that is developed over time.

Now, the struggle here is keeping that vision and passion alive. That requires time and effort and hard work. You must do fundraisers, donations, and anything else that can scrape up some money. At least until the organization can really get on its feet and become well known to the world around it. However one of the easiest fixes to this is raffle fundraisers. Selling raffle tickets is easy to do because its not just asking someone for money, but rather giving the people a chance to win something. Not to mention that people are also entering for a good cause. When non-profit organizations do raffles, it is almost a win-win situation for the participants.

Even if they lose, it is for a good cause. It almost makes loosing still feel like winning. Because non-profits are generally for a good cause this gives freedom to raise the price of the raffle tickets. It allows people to not feel like the high priced ticket is going to waist, but rather that the money is making a difference in the world. To get more people to buy the tickets, it is a good idea to have a nice prize or reward for the raffle. Who does not like winning prizes? If the prize is something people would want then it gives them a motive to spend the money. However, the true key to making raffle tickets work is to sell them.

If you have a raffle, but you do not make a profit then there is no point to even having the raffle. Especially if you are having a prize, it is important to make sure there are many people who are entering. You have to make sure you do not loose money when you do raffles and that is why selling the tickets is so important. Now, this job generally goes to the people who work at these non-profit organizations. It is up to the employees to sell all the tickets needed to make a good profit for these good causes. There are people all around that are valid costumers for these raffles, the struggle is asking. Often it is hard to go around selling raffle tickets, but someone has to do it. If you are an employee for a non-profit organization, chances are that organization means something to you. These issues that the non-profit organizations are dedicated to solving are things close to the human heart. This should be somewhat of a motive to go out and sell the tickets.

Money does not just appear, but it takes effort, and work, but if we are working for something we care about then it starts to feel a little less like a job and a lot more like an experience.


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