Fundraising Letter Solicitation Guidelines

A raffle fundraiser is one of the simplest and potentially most profitable fundraising activity an organization can engage in.

Let’s face it, you just need some raffle tickets and an awesome prize or two to get going. To really maximize profits, why not get your prize(s) donated?

Fundraising letters are an easy and popular way to request prize donations from merchants and businesses that may like to help.

Your results can vary depending on the purpose of the letter, how the letter is written, and by whom it is that receives the letter.

Following these simple guidelines will help you achieve better results when soliciting prize donations.

Anticipate and Answer

When some receives your letter they will have these questions in mind:

• Who is this group and what is their cause?
• Do they have a good reputation?
• What percentage of the proceeds will go to the cause as opposed to administrative costs?
• What do I need to donate?

By answering these questions in the body of the letter, you will help overcome possible reluctance.

• What is the reason for this letter?
• Who is your group and what is their mission?
• What exactly are you asking of the recipient?
• What is the deadline?
• Will you follow-up with a phone call?
• Why should the potential donor respond to your request?
• What’s in it for him?

Now go stuff those envelopes!

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