A Fundraiser With a Raffle is a Win-Win For Everyone

If уоu would lіkе ѕоmе great іdеаѕ and tірѕ on hоw to hоld a rаfflе fundrаіѕеr fоr your nоn-рrоfіt organization, lооk no further thаn Gerald Lemmon’s  fine “Imрасt a Lіfе” scholarship еѕѕау соntrіbutіоn.

Gerald is planning on studying Education at Western Washington University. Kudos to Gerald, аnd bеѕt оf luck!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Gerald Lemmon
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Non-profit organizations always have a difficult time raising money for fundraisers, obtaining youth participation and motivation, and maximizing sales. Although non-profit organizations may be having a difficult time, raffle tickets may be the solution to benefit non-profit organization fundraising.

Fundraising is always a difficult task, but with raffle tickets it can be a win-win for everyone. Non-profits participating in a raffle prize would have a substantial benefit compared to other fundraisers. This is since people like to win expensive prizes at little to no cost to them. Plus, with small cost and many people purchasing tickets to win a grand prize, the income would be substantially larger than all other fundraisers combined. With youth and adults spreading over a large area, the maximum sale of raffle tickets can be achieved. When seeking a group fundraiser, the extra prizes should not be added. This prevents a decrease of profit from the raffle ticket sale. By avoiding the addition of prizes the profit can be maximized. However, if someone wants to have prizes for the sellers it is best to have purchases made by the organization rather than have prizes come from the fundraising company. This is because a percentage of the profit will be taken away to pay for the prizes. By doing this the non-profit organizations are using the most effective method to maximize their profit.

Although maximizing profits can be achieved by avoiding the addition of prizes it still leaves an issue of selling raffle tickets to the consumers. It is necessary for the consumer to be encouraged to purchase a raffle ticket. To do this the consumer needs to know that their purchase is going towards a worthy cause. To simulate ticket sales the seller’s need to have a worthy prize available to the winner of the raffle. Currently, we are living in a tech-savvy world, and the clear majority of teens, adults, and middle-aged individuals are enjoying the use of technology and expensive items. The solution to encourage and simulate ticket sales is to offer items such as tablets, computes, and phones. It is also beneficial to have the seller inform the consumers the purpose of the fundraiser. This encourages the consumer to purchase a raffle ticket from a non-profit organization because consumers will be informed that the purchase they made is going toward a worthy cause such as an educational trip. When it comes to consumers they may be tempted to purchase raffle tickets because they will have the opportunity to win a prize. Plus, the consumer’s contribution will be going to a worthy cause.

As for methods to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets they have several options. These options include a reward system based on sales or one grand prize for the most sales of raffle tickets. They can also have a profit goal and give a reward to everyone upon reaching their goal profit. In organizations, such as Girls Scouts they sell their cookies to make profit. Sometimes they give out rewards to the girl that sells the most cookies. In a non-profit organization, it is possible to reward a volunteer based on their sales. Non-profit organizations can reward the volunteer that sells the most raffle ticket sales with one grand prize. Non-profit organizations can also give rewards based on the amount of money volunteers make or the number of items volunteers sell.

This leads to the conclusion that raffle tickets are a win-win system to all. Volunteers can be given rewards based on the number of items sold. Profits can be maximized by purchasing self-rewards instead of prizes that are offered with companies. Lastly. the consumers are contributing to a worthy cause with the potential to win a prize with the purchase of a raffle ticket.

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