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Encouraging Donations With a Raffle Fundraiser

A tip o’ the hat to “Impact a Life” College Scholarship 2014 contributor Amanda Orlando for her insightful look into the whys and hows of a raffle fundraiser. If you, or someone you know is attending or planning on attending college, >click here for information on submitting your scholarship essay.

Non-profit organizations are a constantly developing force, and with this development, come the need of funds.

Raising Money for Loved Ones - Encouraging Donations With a Raffle Fundraiser

With honorable goals on their mind, many non-profit organizations find it difficult to simply ask for donations. This predicament is easily avoided through the use of a raffle fundraiser.

Raffle fundraisers are a way of gaining significant funds, while offering donors a chance to be reimbursed, which encourages people to donate.

Diverse raffle fundraisers are the most appealing, because you want to offer rewards the interest different types of people, so you are not limited to a single demographic. With the proper marketing and advertising, raffle ticket sales would sky rocket.

Beneficial advertising includes the purpose of the fundraiser, the items being raffled, and the cost of a ticket. This will allow people to know whom they are donating to, what they may win, and how much they will be donating. This set price eliminates the inconvenient guessing game that many donors face when considering a donation.

Along with marketing come those who are selling the tickets. Ticket sellers must be well informed and enthusiastic about the cause they are fundraising for. This will maximize awareness and subsequently ticket sales. In order to encourage this behavior in ticket sellers, a rewards system should be put in place. If they sell 50 tickets, maybe they get a free dinner at the raffle event, or for every 20 raffle tickets they sell, they receive one free raffle ticket for themselves.

These sorts of rewards motivate positive performance from workers, which is an important part in selling raffle tickets.