Creating Excitement For Fundraising Success

Wh?t are ??m? of th? b??t tips w?’v? h??rd t? make your easy fundr????ng ?d??? really pop?

W? hear ?nd r??d ?b?ut m?n? fundr????r? ?v?r? d?? – some t?rr?f?? ?d???, and some n?t ?? gr??t. H?w can your gr?u? make ??ur fundr????r ??ur b??t ever? On? of th? main factors we h?v? n?t???d th?t ????r?t?? th? w?ll-?x??ut?d fundraiser from the flop ?? th? buzz built wh?n ??u fund raise. The excitement ?nd buzz th?t ??u create b?th w?th?n ??ur gr?u? ?nd ??ur ??mmun?t? about ??ur gr?u?’? fundraiser, w?ll t?k? ?v?n the most ??m?l? fundraising ideas to the n?xt l?v?l.

W? are always interested ?n d?????t?ng wh? ??m? gr?u?? aren’t as successful with th??r fundr????r?. It ?lw??? ??m?? down t? ?n? fund?m?nt?l r????n – th? gr?u? d?dn’t do ?t. If a gr?u? ??n’t raising fund? u??ng ???? fundr????ng ?d??? l?k? S??nn?r? fundr????r, r?ffl??, d????unt cards, ??ndl? sales, ??rn?v?l?, Scratch ??rd fundr????ng ?nd ?th?r? – ?t is most likely b???u?? th? gr?u? d?dn’t ?ut f?rth th??r b??t effort and d?dn’t ?r??t? buzz about the fundraiser. If the group l??d?r ??n’t jazzed about th? ?t, the m?mb?r? of the group won’t b? excited about what ??u ?r? d??ng and this dr?v?? m?mb?r? t? n?t d? th? fundr????r. If ????l? d?n’t ??rt?????t? in th? fundraiser, your group doesn’t r???? fund? ?nd all of th? ???? fundraising ?d??? ?n th? w?rld can’t ??v? ?t.

How can you g?n?r?t? buzz and bu?ld ?nthu????m about ??ur fundr????r ?? th?t your gr?u? is ?m?ng th??? th?t ?u????d??

1. M?k? sure ??ur group m?mb?r? and ??ur community kn?w? WHY you are fundraising. Th?? m?? ???m obvious but gr?u?? ??m?t?m?? n?gl??t t? d? th??.

2. Promote and hype your fundraiser! Ev?n th? easiest fundr????r? w?n’t be ?u?????ful ?f ??u don’t do them. Wr?t? ?h?rt ?r??? r?l????? f?r ??ur l???l n?w?????r. Th?? are always ?n th? l??k?ut f?r ?t?r???. Cr??t? fl??r? to ???t ?r h?nd ?ut d???nd?ng on the t??? of fundr????r you are runn?ng. Draft emails th?t ??ur members ??n send ?ut to their fr??nd? ?nd f?m?l? to g?t th?m ?nthu??d about ??ur fundr????r. Publ???z? as ?f it a ??n’t-m??? ?v?nt. U?? F???b??k and tw?tt?r and other ?????l m?rk?t?ng v?nu?? t? ?h?r? wh?t ??u ?r? d??ng. L?t people kn?w wh?, what, when, wh?r?, why ?nd m??t ?m??rt?ntl?, h?w th?? can get ?nv?lv?d to help d?n?t? t? your gr?u?.

3. Keep your members motivated, and f??l?ng responsible f?r br?ng?ng ?n contributions. Have ??ur members ??mm?t t? a ??ll?ng a g?v?n ?m?unt of ?r?du?t ?r raising a d???gn?t?d amount. K??? th?m j?zz?d as a group by f?ll?w?ng ?r?gr??? – a t?rr?f?? w?? t? do th?? ?? with a fr?? fundraising th?rm?m?t?r. You ??n ??t u? a simple F???b??k ??g? f?r ??ur fundraiser ?? m?mb?r? ??n ??? how ?l??? ??u ?r? to ??ur g??l. A friendly contest w?th a prize f?r th? top ??rn?r is ?n?th?r ?d?? to ?n???r? ??m??t?t??n and better r??ult?. F?ll?w u? w?th ??ur gr?u? m?mb?r? dur?ng the fundr????r ?nd encourage them t? ??nt?nu? to g?t d?n?t??n?.

Wh?n you h?v? successfully completed your fundr????r, m?k? ?ur? t? thank your d?n?r? ?r?m?tl? f?r th??r ?nv?lv?m?nt. M?k? th?m f??l like ??rt ?f ??m?th?ng great for ?u???rt?ng ??ur gr?u?. Thank you notes, th?nk ??u ??ll?, and b?k?d g??d? ?r? ?ll fun ?nd ???? w??? t? ?h?w your d?n?r? that ??u ???r????t? them ?h?r?ng th? ?x??t?m?nt ?f your fundr????r ?nd th??r dollars w?th ??ur gr?u?.

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