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Create More Winners – Maximize Raffle Ticket Sales

No one likes to lose, but in a raffle only a small percentage of the contestants are able to win. However, what if you could eliminate losing from a raffle altogether? In order to be considered successful, a raffle needs to consist of three distinct elements. It must sell tickets, get people to sell those tickets and have high-interest prizes. Still, even if all three of these elements are present, people are going to walk away empty handed. Using incentives could change that.

Creating more winners is a great way to maximize ticket sales, which would also greatly increase funding for any nonprofit organization. Incentives, that is giving people additional prizes based on the amount of tickets they sell, would enable this plan. These incentives would increase every ten tickets bought (starting at 10 and moving up) until it capped at 70 tickets. These prizes would start small, a tote bag or gift card, and increase every level, with the top prize being sports tickets or a night on the town. Broad prizes such as these would make them more appealing to a wider audience. In addition, since the funds are going to a nonprofit, buyers could also be informed of the cause they are serving, which is rewarding in itself.

Incentives, in combination with interesting, high-demand prizes are the best way to sell tickets. People will enter the raffle for a chance to win the prizes, and then the incentives will encourage them to buy more tickets. The trick here is to always make the prizes more appealing than the incentives themselves. This keeps gets people to work both the prizes as well as the tickets, and, even if people don’t win the raffle, they still get to leave with something worthwhile. This would optimize the raffle, and maximize ticket sales, which would in turn help the organization. The more people who feel like they have won at the end of the raffle, even if they haven’t, the more people who would enter the next one.

In terms of creating high-demand prizes, you would use items that appeal to the area in which they are sold. If the raffle takes place in a location where it snows, then snow gear would be the prize. In contrast, if you are holding the raffle near a beach, that prize could be a surfboard or beach gear. In addition, it is best to also make sure your prizes appeal to both men and women. This would include items such as gift cards to different stores, televisions or small electronic devices like an iPod or Nook. Nothing too over the top, but items that will get people to buy tickets. Bikes, board games and toys could also be used as prizes, as they appeal to kids, which in turn appeals to parents.