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Car raffles and drawings are a great way to generate money as a fundraiser or to get paid for a car, truck, RV, or motorcycle that you don’t want to keep. Being creative with a car raffle is a win-win situation for both you and the winner of the car raffle.

Car raffles have been around for years and will likely continue across this country for generations to come. Many churches and non-profit organizations use car raffles to bring in much need money to fund their different charities.

If you plan to get involved with car raffles to benefit your cause, you will need to understand that there are rules to abide by, in order to have a legal and successful car raffle in your area. Be sure to check with your local city and state governments to be sure you have designed and licensed the car raffle event.
Car raffles need guidelines spelled out to protect both you the car raffle event holder as well as anyone that would become involved from a participating standpoint, whether it be a raffle ticket purchaser or a car raffle promoter or agent for the car raffle event.

Drawings for a car raffle need to held where some, if not all of your participants, are gathered to witness the winning draws for your raffle. This ensures fairness and legitimate events being held to avoid complaints or legal recourse, should anyone feel that the event was not handled correctly as described.

Often times, car raffles will offer an antique, classic, or rare car of some type, but if your car or vehicle, being raffled off, is for personal disposal for whatever reason, you may need to spice up the raffle to include some other items of interest to stimulate your raffle ticket sales. Be sure to calculate how many tickets must be sold before the drawing will take place and you need to specify a drawing date, time, and place.

Being able to find these special car raffles is an art in itself. To find these great opportunities to own a special or unique car, truck, or other type of raffled vehicle you can search online or just follow us to the big list of car raffles. The best part is, you can purchase raffle tickets from a drawing, too far to drive to, just for a chance to win, but if you do win, you would gladly drive there, so this makes the chances of winning a cool car even greater, when the list of car raffles is larger.

The odds of winning a car from a raffle are far greater than trying to win money in a lottery drawing, so focus on what it is you want more, better odds and a car you could easily convert to cash, or long shot odds of a lottery.

For a list of currentcar raffles, and a chance to win the car of your dreams, see the cars being offered and order your tickets today.

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