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Boost Raffle Ticket Sales by Going Online

How would you like to boost raffle ticket sales by using the internet? Thanks to Wendy Scott for her helpful “Impact a Life” scholarship essay that outlines just that. Wendy is currently a graduate level student studying to receive a certification in school counseling to help children K-12th grade. We wish you good luck with your studies and with your fine scholarship essay.


Let me fill you in on how non-profit organizations, including church groups, youth groups, especially sport teams and youth enrichment services, would benefit greatly from their fundraising efforts by selling raffle tickets with unique formats where social media is utilized and is a primary communication for the group.

Nowadays, internet media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and blogs are used to advertise everything, so why not utilize it to sell raffle tickets? This would certainly allow for more exposure and the opportunity to market the cause of your organization.

The more your non profit stays abreast with the latest social media trends, the more people will be in tune with your ideas. This is a great way to share information related to your upcoming fundraisers and events as well as your overall goal achievements.

While the internet will increase raffle sales and marketing, it is also an opportunity for people to witness the passion you and your team display and your sincere call for action. Children and/or families should always be beneficiaries and stay involved in the fundraising process. Usually, when kids are sellers, people buy. Society is usually more apt to help organizations that give back to children.

In addition to using internet media, one should understand the importance of continuous team building. Even when people are not paid, the idea of giving back and feeling good about the opportunity to do so will help increase ticket sales. When people feel good and confident about their contributions, it is a win-win situation.

Although the internet is one of the most cost effective ways to maximize sales of raffle tickets, advertising exciting prizes is another way. With creativity and diverse methods that attract various people, raffle ticket sales will increase.

Presentations should also involve fun attractions and the auctioning of great prizes. A grand prize will definitely promote additional involvement. In your efforts to obtain great prizes, it’s an opportunity to gain needed support from outside businesses, encouraging them to donate needed prizes rather than give monetary donations. Many businesses are often excited to donate to organizations that help children and/or families. In return your organization can advertise companies that support your organizations efforts.

The prizes should attract children as well as adults, like bikes, motor scooters, video game systems, electronics and maybe even a car as the grand prize. With enough planning time and great presentations, it may not be as difficult to make proposals to major automobile companies to donate a car to your organizations fundraiser. Usually, major corporations are always looking for opportunities to give to charity for annual tax write offs.

Lastly, there are multiple ways to stimulate sales. For instance, a positive and fun attitude presented by the team will help motivate volunteers. Also, organizations should not forget giveaways for their volunteers who sell the most raffle tickets. The internet can also be a way to recognize the best raffle seller. Playing games, gatherings where food and drinks are included, can also promote participation and your ability to reach your overall goal in raffle ticket sales. Holding small fundraisers that include volunteers contributing to bake sales, team building activities and basketball games can add to additional tickets sold. This will ignite needed excitement for promoting the grand prize, which again can be donated by a major corporation. Additional groups should also be encouraged to participate and contribute to your cause, like, sororities, fraternities, political organizations, and politicians, especially ones who are seeking additional exposure.

These few suggestions will not only increase sales but also get people involved and grow your fundraising abilities to greater heights.