Attract New Business With Raffle Tickets

“Impact a Life” college scholarship essayist Rashawn Campbell takes a thorough look at utilizing raffle tickets to attract customers to your business. Thank you Rashawn. If you or someone you know who is in college would like to share in a pool of scholarship funds, click here for details.

Businesses need money to stay open. Holding a raffle fundraiser would clearly benefit any business because it attracts people. A lot of the people in the world actually like anything that they can get for free. Plus, people also like to put in minimum effort and still be able to win something. The easier it is to enter the more likely the person will want to participate. This is simply what is known as human nature. The customers will see that while they are spending money they have a number of chances per month with the raffle to win something for free.

It is essentially like playing the lottery except you will not have to actually play. This type of news would spread fast and gain even more customers because people talk. Everyone wants a chance to win something. Raffles are one of the best promotional ideas out. It easily pulls in customers and customerís retention rates will increase dramatically. All the customers want to know is that they are valued and have a chance. Depending on the prizes offered also will contribute to how many of the customers enter and how potential customers enter the raffles.

There are a lot of different types of raffles, which appeal to a lot of different people. Workplace perks raffles where the team can raise money at the office. Whatever worker raises the most money could get an extra paid vacation day or a raise.

Gift Certificate raffles would be another great incentive. If company ĎAí gets its hands on some popular companies gift cards to raffle off those customers may become company Aís customers as well. This is because company ĎAí has attracted them based off of something they like.

There are even raffles for a win-win situation. This situation is where everyone is guaranteed to win some sort of small prize. If some businesses could donate something small that isnít too big but just an eye-catching item it could work wonders. These types of items should obviously be for promotional causes. If this happens everyone is going home with a business in mind. The word would spread to family and friends because everyone wants to share with the people they care about.

Raffles are essentially one of the greatest marketing tools. It attracts a lot of different kinds of people. Again, this causes great retention rates because who wouldnít want a chance to win a little something? When someone wins it makes a person feel established and makes one feel as though fate is one your side. It gives people a sense of hope about winning other things and can give a boost of self-esteem. Having the item of the company in a personís possession allows for them to reflect back on what he or she has won.

Everyone doesnít necessarily pay attention or acknowledge what she or he has won once they receive it. The person usually realizes it once they have time to sit down and relax. Then they are a little interested in the product and look it up. Then they may find something that they like and they buy something from the company and become a loyal customer.

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