A Raffle Mission

Wh? w?nt? t? kn?w th? b??t w??? your n?n-?r?f?t ?rg?n?z?t??n ??n benefit fr?m a r?ffl? fundraiser? Megan Johnson, a student at Northeastern University with a major in International Affairs, h?? t?k?n an interesting and personal l??k ?t th? f?ll?w?ng “Im???t a Life” ??h?l?r?h?? topic:

D???r?b? h?w n?n-?r?f?t ?rg?n?z?t??n?, (including church gr?u??, civic gr?u??, ??uth sports ?rg?n?z?t??n?) ??n best derive benefit for th??r fundr????ng effort b? h?ld?ng a raffle fundraiser. Offer ?r?????l? f?r a) m?x?m?z?ng the ??l?? of their r?ffl? t??k?t? b) ?r?z?? th?t would ?n??ur?g? ?nd stimulate t??k?t ??l?? ?) suggested w??? t? m?t?v?t? volunteers t? ??ll m?r? t??k?t?

Way t? g? Megan ?nd b??t of lu?k!

Go here t? r??d Megan’s  ?n??ghtful ????? >>> A Raffle Mission

Y?u can help Megan Johnson in her ?ur?u?t ?f a ??h?l?r?h?? ?w?rd b? clicking the “sharing ?? caring” butt?n? b?l?w.



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