A Raffle is an Easy Way to Raise Money – “Impact a Life” Scholarship Essay

College bound Brandon Konradi takes a well done crack at detailing how selling raffle tickets for a raffle fundraiser is a great way to raise money for a worthy cause. Thanks Brandon, and we wish you luck with your fine “Impact a Life” college scholarship essay entry.


As a resident of southeastern Indiana, there are many non-profit organizations in our rural area that hold some sort of festival along with holding a raffle.

The fire department has a festival every year and a large raffle that goes along with it. The first prize is usually cash. Everyone can always use some extra cash. They also go to local businesses and ask they if they would like to donate something for the raffle, such as cash, gift certificates, or products and merchandise from their business. To boost attendance for their festival, they also hold a wood bat softball tournament. Many people love to come and watch the softball games. While there they buy food, play games, and most important, they buy raffle tickets. They also have a parade on Saturday afternoon with lots of entries. They have inflatable bounce houses for the kids to play in and a very nice playground. This makes it nice for families to come.

We also have many church festivals in our area that have many games to play, a country style chicken dinner and a very large raffle. The top prize is usually cash. I feel that the more prizes you offer, the more tickets people will want to purchase. Also, if you offer a buyers advantage they will usually buy more, such as 6 for $5.00, 12 for $10.00, or 25 for $20.00.

I have also noticed that if you offer a number of prizes to give away this also seems to make people want to buy more as they have more chances to win.

At my school, when I was in middle school, our eighth grade class went to Washington D.C. for our class trip. It was an amazing trip that I would love to repeat someday. To fund our trip, we also had a raffle to offset some of the cost of the trip.

To motivate the students to sell raffle tickets, they said we could keep any money raised by selling the raffle tickets, after we sold 10, and put the money towards the cost of the trip. The prizes were a half side of beef for the first and second prizes and a half of a hog for the third prize. My parents also went into selling mode. They said that when they asked people to buy the raffle tickets they were very eager to do so because everyone can always use some fresh meat for their freezer.

By selling those tickets, and a couple of other fundraising projects, I was able to pay for my entire trip to Washington D.C. My parents were very proud of my efforts.

In high school band, we go on Band Tour every year. This past year we went to Nashville, Tennessee. We had a raffle fundraiser for our trip. After we sold 10 tickets, the rest of the money was put towards the cost of our trip. By offering the seller these incentives, it makes them want to sell more tickets. I think this is a great idea.

by Bruce Hassel

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