50 Unique Fundraisers for Your Organization

If your great organization is looking to raise funds, have a look at these fifty unique and potentially profitable fundraisers.


1. D?n?? M?r?th?n: A ??nt?nu?u?, multi-hour ?v?nt ?n which ??rt?????nt? raise fund? thr?ugh pledges. Th?? ?v?nt bl?nd? d?n??ng, mu???, games, f??d ?nd a v?r??t? ?f ?nt?rt??nm?nt into one ?m?z?ng ?x??r??n??.

2. P?nn? Wars: Teams ??m??t? b? d???r?t?ng ?nd f?ll?ng j?r? with ??nn??? with th? ?bj??t of collecting the most ??nn???. C?m??t?t?r? ??n thr?w ?th?r ???n? (and bills) in ??m??t?ng jars t? thr?w ?ff th? ??nn? t?t?l. Th? t??m with th? h?gh??t ??nn? t?t?l (m?nu? the ?th?r ?h?ng?) w?n?!

3. Set Y?ur Feet U? for a D??: R?ffl? tickets off f?r a chance t? ??t ?n a r??l?n?r ?nd w?t?h movies f?r ?n ?nt?r? lun?h break ?r class ??r??d.

4. D?dg?b?ll T?urn?m?nt: C?ll??t a registration fee fr?m t??m? ?nd sell tickets. Y?u ??n ??rn extra m?n?? b? h?v?ng a ??n??????n ?t?nd!

5. Baby Ph?t? Contest: Have ??rt?????nt? display th??r b?b? pictures ?nd collect $1 v?t?? f?r the cutest baby.

6. Big Losers: P?rt?????nt? ?r? ???n??r?d f?r ?v?r? ??und th?? lose, and d?n?t? th? m?n?? th?? raise.

7. Frisbee G?lf T?urn?m?nt: Turn th?? popular ?utd??r competition ?nt? a gr??t fundr????r b? ??ll??t?ng entrance f???.

8. Buck-a-Pound: Participants pay $1 for every ??und they l??? ?nd $2 for every pound they g??n ?n w??kl? w??gh-?n?.

9. S??v?ng?r Hunt: E??h t??m gets ?l?dg?? t? ??rt?????t?. Th? t??m th?t f?nd? ?ll of th? ?lu?? f?r?t   wins th? gr?nd prize.

10. Talent Show: En??ur?g? participants t? ?h?w ?ff th??r t?l?nt? f?r a gr??t cause. Ch???? a l???t??n, ?rg?n?z? a r??t?r ?f acts ?nd ??l??t a panel ?f judges. Ch?rg? an ?ntr?n?? fee f?r the ??t?, ?dm?????n for the ?ud??n?? and ??rn extra ???h by h?v?ng a concession ?t?nd.

11. Gumb?ll L?tt?r?: F?ll a gumb?ll m??h?n? w?th gum ?nd ?l??t?? ball ??nt??n?r? w?th v?u?h?r? g??d f?r ?r?z??.

12. Counting ?n Y?u: P?rt?????nt? guess the ?u?nt?t? ?f jelly beans, ????r?l???, m?rbl??, ???n?, etc. and ??? t? ?nt?r th? ??nt??t. Th? winner g?t? a prize.

13. Flip Your Lid: Let ??rt?????nt? design wild h?t? t? wear on a specific day. F?r a ??t donation, ???h w?ll be entered ?nt? ?r?z? ??t?g?r???. W?nn?r? can be determined b? v?t?-d?n?t??n? or by ??mm?tt??.

14. Pool Tournament: Charge an ?ntr? f?? and see wh? th? best billiards player turn? ?ut t? b?.

15. F??ld D??: Host a d?? ?f f??ld events such ?? a 5K run, ?n obstacle ??ur?? ?nd a tug-?f-w?r.

16. Treasure Chest: F?ll a chest w?th donated ?r?z?? ?nd ??ll k??? t? ???n the ?h??t.

17. Dart B??rd Challenge: Test contestants’ ??m ?? they pay to try to hit a bull’s-eye f?r a d?n?t?d prize.

18. Raffle/Sweepstakes: S?ll chances t? w?n g?v??w???. P??ul?r ?t?m? ?r? ?lw??? t??k?t? to ???rt?ng ?v?nt?. Ask ?r?und t? find someone wh? h?? a ?????n ?ub??r??t??n ?nd ??? if th?r? are ?n? games th?? ??n’t ?tt?nd!

19. Dunk T?nk: R?nt a dunk tank ?nd g?v? ????l? a chance to dunk a g??d sport for a d?n?t??n. A dunk t?nk ?? a great w?? t? enhance a ??rn?v?l, ???k?ut ?r bake sale.

20. Trivia B?wl: Cater to everyone’s competitive ???r?t ?nd r???? m?n?? ?t th? ??m? t?m?! Charge a flat fee for people t? ??rt?????t?. Create both ?nd?v?du?l ?nd t??m challenges, ?nd if you make ?t a f?m?l? event, a special r?und f?r k?d?.

21. B??rd Game T?urn?m?nt: P??k a f?v?r?t?, ?u?h ?? M?n???l?. Assemble 4 ??r??n t??m? th?t w?ll w?rk together to ???umul?t? points ?r ??u ??n ?ll?w ?nd?v?du?l? t? ??rt?????t?. Charge ?n ?ntr? f?? f?r each t??m ?n ?rd?r t? ??rn m?n?? f?r Th? Ch?ldr?n’? In?t?tut?. 3 Ev?nt? BONUS!! You ??n ?ft?n ??ll ???n??r?h??? of events t? bu??n????? willing t? ?dd th??r n?m? or l?g? ?n ?x?h?ng? f?r a donation.

22. C?rn?v?l: Pr?v?d? games and ?nt?rt??nm?nt with ?ll ?r????d? benefitting Th? Children’s Institute.

23. Haunted H?u??: S??r? up ??m? gr??t donations wh?n ??u build and ???r?t? a h?unt?d house and charge admission.

24. T?? Off f?r T?t?: G?lf ??r?mbl?? are a great way to capitalize ?n a popular pastime.

25. J??l and B??l: Ch???? a l???t??n to ??rv? ?? your jail. The “?rr??t?d” mu?t ??ll fr??nd? t? r???? funds to b? ??t fr??. Th?? mu?t raise a ??rt??n ?m?unt of m?n?? to “???t b??l.”

26. M?t?r???l? R?d?: Ch?rg? a r?g??tr?t??n f?? and ??ll??t m?n?? fr?m bu??n????? ?l?ng ??ur r?ut?.

27. M????g?-?-th?n: Inv?t? m????g? school students t? g??n n??d?d experience h?ur? while ??tr?n? ??? a fee to h?v? th??r t?n?? neck ?nd ?h?uld?r? rubbed.

28. W?lk-A-Th?n: Participants ??ll??t pledges f?r each m?l? walked.

29. L??? f?r L?v?: S??ur? ???n??r? to ??? a set amount for ???h lap you m?k? around a track or g?m r??m.

30. C??k-?ff: Inv?t? gu??t? t? ??m??t? for bragging rights ?? you ?h?rg? guests to ??m? ?nd ??m?l? and v?t? f?r th? b??t.

31. P?n??k? Br??kf??t: H??t a public breakfast, ?h?rg?ng a set f?? f?r th? m??l.

32. B?wl-A-Th?n: C?ll??t ?l?dg?? ?nd b?wl a set number ?f g?m??.

33. P??tur? w?th S?nt?/E??t?r Bunn?/?t?.: Ch?rg? $5 per ?h?t, less ?x??n??v? than at th? m?ll ?nd f?r a gr??t ??u??.

34. B?n?f?t Concert: R???? the roof wh?l? you ?r? raising m?n??! Get a ???ul?r band ?r gr?u? ?f bands t? sign on t? d?n?t? a ??rt??n (or ?ll) ?f th? ticket ?r????d?.

35. P?tlu?k D???: Have participants br?ng their favorite dish ?l?ng w?th copies ?f th? r????? and charge ???h ??r??n t? ??t lun?h ?r d?nn?r. Additional fund? ??n be raised ?f you ??ll ?r ?u?t??n the recipes.

36. C?m?d? Night: H?v? a ??m?d??n perform. S?ll t??k?t? for th? ?v?nt ?nd g?v? a percentage of th? proceeds t? Th? Ch?ldr?n’? Institute.

37. Lu?u for L?v?: A ??g r???t + tiny drink umbrellas x gr??? skirts = ??u?t??n for a fun time. Ch?rg? admission ?nd ??ll drinks. Hul? ??nt??t? optional!

38. S?ftb?ll G?m?: S?t u? t??m? and ?h?rg? ?n ?ntr? fee to play. Inv?t? a ???ul?r ??mmun?t? figure ?nd r???? ?n?ugh ?nt?r??t t? charge ?dm?????n. 4

39. Silly Str?ng Sh??t Out: Auction ?ff ?r sell ??n? ?f silly string ?nd t?k? ??m ?t volunteers wh? are g??d ???rt? l?k? a m?n?g?r, a t???h?r ?r a ?r?n????l.

40. Su??r B?wl/St?nl?? Cu?/W?rld S?r??? P?rt?: Have a ??rt?, ?h?rg? admission and have ????l? br?ng lots ?f f??d.

41. M?v?? N?ght : A??r???h your l???l th??t?r ?r m?v?? ?t?r? t? ??k ?b?ut ???n??r?h?? ?n?t??t?v??. M?n? w?ll ??th?r g?v? you a d????unt or ?r?v?d? the ?v?nt f?r fr?? w?th the ?r?m??? of ?ubl???t?. If you ??n ?ff?r inexpensive admission, plus donated concession snacks, ??ur N?ght at the M?v??? fundraising event w?ll br?ng in gold!

42. Skate-a-thon: Have th? use ?f a skating r?nk d?n?t?d for a couple ?f h?ur?. Participants g?t ???n??r? ?nd ?nd?v?du?l? to pledge f?r th? hours ?r laps that th?? ?k?t?. Have a concession stand t? r???? ?dd?t??n?l fund?.

43. Sw?m-?-th?n: E??h swimmer who ??m??t?? mu?t ??m?l?t? a set number ?f l??? dur?ng a designated day. Ind?v?du?l? ?nd ???n??r? ?r? recruited t? ?l?dg? a ??rt??n ?m?unt f?r each l?? ??m?l?t?d.

44. Off??? Olympics: P???r?l?? ?h??n jum? r???, ?ff??? ?h??r r????, post-it ?r?g?m? ??nt??t?. Entr? f???. Enough said.

45. M?l? B??ut? C?nt??t: Dr??? m?l? ??nt??t?nt? in ??g??nt ?tt?r? and ??ll??t $1 v?t?? t? find out who w?n?. Ch?rg? campus groups to ?nt?r a candidate t? b???t ??ur d?n?t??n t?t?l.

46. M?g?? Sh?w: Ch?rg? for t??k?t? f?r a ??????l ?h?w.

47. S??k Hop: Host a d?n?? ?nd charge admission. F?r extra fun, h?v? a th?m? l?k? a 50’s sock h?? ?nd ??ll r?fr??hm?nt? th?t reflect the theme.

48. B??h?l?r/B??h?l?r?tt? Auction: A??r??r??t? for ?dult gr?u??, v?lunt??r? ?ff?r a date t? b? auctioned ?ff to the h?gh??t b?dd?r f?r a night ?n the town. P??k?g? the bachelor/bachelorette with th? gift certificates based ?n th??r ?nt?r??t?. Y?ur group may b? r????n??bl? f?r m?k?ng a l?v? connection!

49. 5K run: If ??u kn?w ??m? j?gg?ng enthusiasts, ?rg?n?z?ng a run ??n be just th? t??k?t t? raising a l?t m?n?? ?l?ng w?th heart r?t??!

50. C?l?br?t? “R???t”: Kn?w somebody ?f prominence wh? ?? a gr??t ???rt and willing to l?t ????l? ??k? fun of h?m ?r h?r for a good ??u??? Hold this event to ??? tribute ?nd sell tickets.

That should get your creative juices flowing! Let’s hear your ideas.


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