Benefits of Implementing a Raffle with your Fundraiser by Garett Williams

Benefits of Implementing a Raffle with your Fundraiser by Garett Williams


In a perfect world there would be ample resources readily available for every positive program.  However, we obviously do not live in a perfect world and no matter how beneficial a group or organization may be, they still have to raise money in order to function.  This would not be a problem either if every individual in the world had ample resources readily available.  Sadly this is not the case either.  Naturally one of the most common problems for organizations is raising funds.  How does a group convince an individual to give their hard earned dollars to a group or organization? 

Fundraising can be done in many ways.  Selling goods and services outside of those that the organization primarily produces is a common way.  It plays on the fact that individuals will probably buy this product from somewhere anyway.  However that is not a definite.  Sometimes this plays only on the individuals desire to support the organization’s cause.  The problem with this is the fact that individuals do not have unlimited resources either and this gives the organization much less leverage. 

For this reason implementing a raffle as a part of your fundraiser can be a great idea. 

Everyone wants to be a winner.  The excitement of winning something, especially winning a competition with a lot of competitors, is enough that just the possibility of winning can change someone’s entire outlook on supporting a cause.  Not only do people want to feel like winners, but they also want to get something for free.  With a desirable prize, an organization can effectively and dynamically boost the value of stopping to participate in their fundraiser for the individual.  

The raffle is powerful for another reason.  By using it to supplement a fundraiser one can raise the value of the fundraiser with a relatively small prize.  However, by using the raffle as the main driver of the fundraiser, by which I mean no product other than raffle tickets are sold, the organization can bring the cost of their fundraiser down substantially.  The benefit can remain the same or even rise depending on the price of the raffle prize. 

That being said there are many things that organizations can do to make their raffle, and subsequently their fundraiser, more effective.  These things have to do with the types of prizes given, the number of prizes given, and commissions systems, that allow those working the fundraiser to get in on the competitive excitement as well.  For starters it is important to make sure prizes are desirable and valuable.  A five dollar raffle ticket is a great buy when the raffle is for an iPad.  This is a digital world and it’s hard to go wrong with new gadgets as prizes.

 Another way to make the raffle more effective is to allow for multiple winners.  When multiple people can win in a lottery, people are less likely to be dismayed from participating.  This is also dependent upon the number of participants driving the fundraiser.  Regardless of how many participants there are, it is important to broadcast that multiple winners would be chosen.

Finally, those selling raffle tickets in the fundraiser can be motivated by competition.  A competition between the sellers of the tickets can push them to make the extra effort and not take no for an answer.  This can be very effective when the prize given to the seller of the tickets is the same desirable prize that the winner of the raffle wins.

In conclusion, a raffle can drastically boost the value of an organizations fundraiser.  In order to host the most effective raffle fundraiser possible the organization should make sure the raffle prize is desirable.  By allowing for multiple winners an organization can foster maximum participation in the fundraiser.  Also, by allowing sellers of raffle tickets to win a prize similar to the raffle prize the organization can be amply motivated to get the most possible out of the fundraiser.


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