Amazing Show Amazing Raffle by Allana Heraghty

Amazing Show Amazing Raffle by Allana Heraghty


When I was a teenager, I founded a record company called Lemonade Stand Records. I would record local bands, put together a mix CD, and then host charity shows to promote the bands. Bands would get to play, everyone would love the mix CD, I'd have a blast, and we'd raise money for an important cause.

When the 2004 tsunami hit Thailand, I hosted the biggest event Lemonade Stand Records would ever end up hosting. I rented out the basement of a local church, asked the local supermarket to donate snacks and drinks, and paid my friends in pizza to come help sell tickets, keep the show moving, and run the concession stand. Admission was $6, everything at concession, including our raffle tickets, was $1.

The raffle tickets were a welcomed idea because it kept everyone around until the end. Many of my concerts would dwindle down as the night went on, leaving the last few bands with no audience. To counteract this, we announced our winner of the raffle at the end of the last set. We ended up making $1,365 to send to AmeriCares for clean water and medicine for the tsunami relief effort.

The show was amazing and everyone came out for the music and the cause, but the raffle tickets are what kept them there until the end. 

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Contributed by Allana Heraghty

October 13, 2015

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