A New Twist on a Raffle Fundraiser by Nicolas Barrionuevo

A New Twist on a Raffle Fundraiser by Nicolas Barrionuevo


Florida International University, the school of amazing opportunities, it’s a one of the most popular public universities in South Florida, it’s been gaining a lot of momentum with students, and the construction of new buildings. This is a school where networking with people is extremely important because many of the students here have connections with powerful companies, and government institutions.

I am an Information Technology major specializing in software development and I’m always talking to students who are working for Google, Ultimate Software, and IBM about projects and events we could create to get people interested in the program, and also just to have fun. Recently, we helped organize an event for the popular game of League of Legends, we made a website for people to register and we waited. We thought few people were going to be interested, but in two weeks we had over 100 people registered! After we saw the amount of registrations we received, we had to plan on how to fundraise for the event. So we bought raffle tickets, pastries, and refreshments. The deal was, if you buy a pastry then you get a raffle ticket, if you buy a soda, you get a raffle ticket, so the more tickets you had the more chance you had at winning the prize. After getting the raffle tickets situation settled, we went to find some sponsors for the event, this was extremely easy and sponsors did not hesitate in helping us out because of the amount of people we had. Our sponsors got 3 PS4 games, and 3 XBOX One Games for us to give out!

Since we had so many players and so many teams to take care of, we divided the event into 2 days in March, so event one happened, then two weeks after started, the games if you’re not familiar with it consists of two teams of five people in each team, they face off with different characters in an all-out killing spree and tower defense type of game. The losing team is the one whose base is destroyed first, usually this happens around the 45 to 55 minute mark. Since these games are so time consuming we had to start early, which was great for the raffle sale, people started getting hungry and thirsty while watching these intense games in an auditorium filled with people and an immense projector. We decided to give out 3 games the first day of the event and 3 on the last day, so we would start giving away these games during the intermissions when everybody was in the room and no one could miss out. People were ecstatic to win these awesome games, and be playing a team game along with people they have never met, they were so full of joy that they asked us to please do another event.

This event truly helped our organization FIU STARS gain a lot of recognition throughout the university, we were promoted on the school newspapers, we gained hundreds of followers on Facebook, and we were promoted by a Florida League of Legends page. We had students from different Florida universities and gained a lot of supporters through this event and game giveaway. This event is still being talked about as one of the best events to be held by a small FIU organization.

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